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Session Rates

Hourly Packages

Number of
Price per
Total Price Package Savings Average length
of sessions
1 $150 $150
4 $125 $500 $100 2-4 weeks
12 $110 $1,320 $480 4-8 weeks
24 $100 $2,400 $1,200 3-4 months
48 $85 $4,080 $3,120 4-6 months

*Sessions range from 50-60 minutes


Half Hour Packages

Number of
Price per
Total Price
1 $80 $80
4 $75 $300
12 $65 $780
24 $55 $1,320
48 $50 $2,400

 *Sessions range from 25-30 minutes


In Home Packages

– Manual Therapy or Personal Training

Number of
Price per
Total Price Savings Average length
of sessions
1 $200 $200
4 $185 $740 $60 1-2 weeks
12 $170 $2,040 $360 4-6 weeks
24 $160 $3,840 $960 2-3 months
48 $150 $7,200 $2,400 4-6 months

*Within 8 miles of Sorrento Valley, additional fees apply to longer distances.


Skype Personal Training/Consulting

$2.50 per minute

Home or Corporate Gym Design

Prices vary based on project size. Contact me for pricing.

Seminar or Lecture presentations

Contact me for pricing

Sessions include:

Neurokenetic Therapy: This is a modality that allows me to uncover the primary causes of your pain.

Active Release Technique: A soft tissue therapy that helps relieve tight muscles and nerve trigger points.

Fascial Distortion Model: Addresses different dysfunctions in the fascia and can work wonders on ankle sprains, back pain, and much more.

P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex): Addresses dysfunctions of the mechanoreceptor system.

Rapid Release: Uses a high powered vibration tool to help relieve pain.

Massage Therapy: Various massage techniques that can help relieve muscular pain.

Cupping Therapy: Used to treat pain, deep scar tissue, muscle knots, connective tissue, and swelling.

Stretch Therapy: Assisted stretching to help lengthen muscles.

Movement Analysis: Addresses dysfunctions that occur during movement.

Kinesiology Taping: Helps correct posture and create a decompression effect on the body.

Corrective Exercise: Tailored exercises to address weak, unstable, or underactive muscles.

Weight Training: Tailored workout routines to help you get to your physical goals.

Nutritional Guidance: Analysis of your nutritional needs to help you improve your overall health.