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Rick G. says

“Upon moving to San Diego a year ago I decided it was time to get healthy and improve my quality of life. After doing considerable research and interviewing several personal trainers in the area, I chose Dan. He was the most qualified by far. Dan provided me with the steps I needed to take to reach my goals and then some. He was not only motivating me to reach goals I had set for myself but he was concerned about injury prevention, correcting postural issues (I wasn’t even aware of) and post work out stretching. Dan also provided me with a customized diet that was easy to follow and I didn’t feel like I was starving myself. When I started with Dan I weighed 245lbs and in 5 months I weighed 173lbs and under 8% body fat (a loss of 72lbs). I was afraid that I may have loose skin as a result but Dan scheduled my weight loss to avoid this and my stomach looks like it did when I was a teenager again. I have been so impressed with Dan that I have asked him to help me with building routine to help put some muscle mass back on while staying lean. I am already making unbelievable progress and cannot wait to see the end results. Dan is a gifted individual and am thankful we crossed paths.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Pat Walsh, co-founder of StayClassy.org says

“Dan is one of the most competent and conscientious trainers I’ve ever worked with. Since 2001, I’ve had three major surgeries on my shoulder and have gone to over a half dozen trainers and physical therapists with no success – until I met Dan. He has gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals for strengthening and conditioning, and has always provided a great deal of personal attention and care. I highly recommend Dan for anyone who is recovering from injury, getting back into shape, or looking to take their conditioning to the next level.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Jim K. says

“Before I found Dan, I had completed a 36 session personal training package from another company and got moderate results-but I felt I should have seen more over-all improvement. When I signed up with Dan for a 36 session package, he introduced a comprehensive professional approach to my training sessions that generated better results for me in half the amount of sessions. I have signed on again with Dan because I have gotten used to hearing from family and friends how great I look and I personally enjoy all the benefits that come with being in better shape-including hitting the golf ball further.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Marcia A. says

“Dan Melita is not just a personal trainer, he’s a life coach. IпїЅve transformed my life with Dan’s help. Since high school I could never make a commitment to exercise. With Dan, it’s now a regular part of my life. I look forward to our sessions. I’s not miserable (like I always thought it had to be). It’s actually enjoyable and I know its working because I weigh the same as when I was in high school and I’m in the athletic range for body fat for women and I’m 48 years old! There’s no one more knowledgeable than Dan Melita and he makes exercise fun!”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Jenny O. says

“The nutrition plan and exercise routine Dan has put me through has made such a positive impact on my overall health. My body fat has decreased by 8% since I started a fitness plan with Dan. I now know how to eat the correct way according to my body type, and don’t have to starve myself to be thin. I am in better shape than I was as a teenager!”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Chris N. says

“Dan has the talent, technique and tools that helped me increase strength and definition. He motivates me, and my results have been better than working out at any gym.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Brian J. says

“Dan’s expertise in personal training and nutrition enabled me to reduce my body fat composition from 22% to 9% — all in a professional, positive and fun way. His approach is comprehensive, challenging and customized to my individual goals while also ensuring balanced results.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Bev B. says

“Not often in life do you meet someone who has just the right mix of kind compassion and yet can push you to limits you never knew were attainable. Dan is this type of man, trainer and friend. I am honored to have met him, a fine individual indeed.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Bonny M. says

“I had my blood pressure follow-up this morning and the Doctor is VERY pleased with my weight loss! SHE was asking me questions on what you are doing for me. Twice she said to congratulate you!!! Right now, I’m down 14lbs!”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Betsy L. says

“Dan is a fabulous trainer. His knowledge base is impressive, his attitude is great, and he makes working out fun, rather than a chore. I feel healthier than I have in years.”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Susan D. says

“Dan has been my personal trainer for over a year now and I absolutely love him! He has helped me rehab from a few of my injuries and helped me get back into shape. His understanding of anatomy and nutrition is very impressive and he is by far the best trainer I have ever met. He’s also a very helpful and kind person not to mention he’s fun to talk to. I couldn’t be happier!”

*results may vary depending on the individual

Jane W. says

“Dan is not only an amazing personal trainer, he is also a really great guy! I have Dan come to my house 2-3 times per week and he puts me through challenging yet fun workouts every single time. Since I have 2 kids it can be hard to get to the gym, but my kids absolutely love Dan. He is really great at training me and dealing with my kids at the same time. He even helps my son with his baseball techniques every week! If you’re looking for a high quality trainer to help you reach your goals then look no further because they don’t come any better than Dan!”

*results may vary depending on the individual

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